Career Opportunities For Cardiac Rehabilitation Technicians

Posted by Sara on August 22, 2012
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Cardiology is one of the most popular and important fields in medicine today. It deals with the diagnostics and treatment of the human heart. It focuses on providing treatment to various heart conditions, diseases and illnesses while at the same time ensuring a healthy functioning heart.

When it comes to cardiac rehabilitation, it revolves around nursing an unwell or damaged heart back to good health.  This can be done through developing cardiovascular exercises, specialized nutritional programs and using pharmaceutical drugs and equipment to treat the heart.

A cardiac rehabilitation technician can also use specialized equipment and machinery to monitor the hearts performance as it makes progress.

Career Outlook

Once you are fully certified to be a cardiac rehabilitation technician then you can work in a number of different positions. The best place to find jobs in this particular field is clinics and hospitals, in not just the private sector, but public as well.

Some public hospitals and clinics are large and heavily funded, which gives ample opportunities to cardiac rehab technicians. Furthermore, with a little research you should get information on those States where the population suffers from the greatest number of heart related incidents. If you can narrow down those States where there are likely to be many cardiac heart patients, then your chances of finding a job will be definitely higher.

It is best to look for opportunities in clinics and hospitals as you can gain valuable experience while interacting with patients and doctors. In some cases you may have to start with volunteer work or an internship. But you can work your way up to more secure positions.

Industry Outlook

It has been estimated by The Bureau of Labor Statistics that the employment growth of Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians and Vascular Technologists in the coming decade is around 29 percent which is quite high when compared to the industry average of other jobs. It was also estimated by The BLS in 2010 that the average annual salary for the above position is $49,410 which translates to roughly $23.75 per hour.

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