Biology Teaching – Plants Use For Human Life

Posted by Sara on April 18, 2012
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Once you finish reading this article, you will realize how important plants are for human life. Plants are used, in almost, all the aspects of human life. Plants provide fuel, food, clothing and shelter to human life, whether directly or indirectly. Many of the nutrients such as corn and wheat come from plants and if these plants are not saved from extinction, human life can go into deep danger. The use of plants in human life is that it provides food.

In North America, the main food plant is cereal grains and the major types of grain crops are wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley and rye. The next set consists of legumes, such as peas, beans, and soybeans. People use herbs and spices derived from plants as the seasoning in the food which gives extra taste to the food. Pepper and nutmeg are taken from dried fruit. There are some beverages which also come from plants. If the plants are soaked in hot water, then coffee, tea and cocoa are produced.

The clothing which covers the human body parts also comes from plants. For example, cotton which is the most used fiber in the clothing industry is taken from plants. The synthetic fibers are also produced from plants. To make paper, a technique is used in which the fibers from the plant is placed in the water and is reduced to make a pulp. When the water is dried off, the remaining pulp is pressed and then it is dried to make a thin sheet of paper.

Houses which are made of wood, these woods are taken from plants. The furniture which is kept at homes to give a classy look to the room is made from wood and cloth basically the fibers of plants. Fuel originally came from plants. Green plants were the reason for the origin of coal, oil, and gas. Due to compression and heat, these green plants converted to fossil fuels that we use today.

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